Windlass Studios

Windlass Studios Iron Man Tony Stark's Arc Reactor Heart 1/1 Prop Replica Used

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  • Windlass Studios Iron Man Tony Stark's Arc Reactor Heart 1/1 Prop Replica Used

Windlass Studios

Windlass Studios Iron Man Tony Stark's Arc Reactor Heart 1/1 Prop Replica Used

Sold out

A chance to acquire a very hard to find prop replica of the Arc Reactor from the original Iron Man movie. Note this is an old item and has been opened and displayed. This was made back in 2008 by Windlass Studios. They had access to the original prop and tried to make a faithful reproduction of it. It is widely regarded as being the best, officially-licenced Arc Reactor that has been made to date.

The arc unit is approximately 4.5 by 4.5 inches and is made from machine aluminium, stainless steel and custom molded plastics. It is also removable from the stand. There's a button at the back which lights up the LEDS and lasts around 8 - 10 hours from a set of 4 AA batteries.

The plexiglass display case creates a smart environment which protects the prop replica from dust. 

The prop replica was made in limited numbers. The number made has never been clear, however very few ever seem to appear on Ebay. The prop replica is not signed with a numbered edition, but the box does say limited edition.


Overall the prop replica is in very good condition considering it's over 10 years old. There are some scratches on the side at the back where the stand connects to the arc reactor. This has been caused by how the reactor connects to the stand. You have to slide it into the grips and it's easy to catch it on the metal. You can't see the scratches when viewed from the front.

The wooden base screw holes need filling a little to ensure the stand doesn't wobble. This is easy to do with a match or with paper, but best to do by the buyer. 

There are some marks here and there, but overall it's a tidy example of this prop replica.

Box, packaging and the leaflet are all present. 

Video Review

We reviewed this item some months back. This is the actual item you will get.

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