Hot Toys Delorean Review

Hot Toys Delorean Review

With Hot Toys Deloreans finally shipping to the UK. Liam at Movie Figures set one up along with a Marty McFly figure for a detailed video review...

If you think 1/6 scale figures are impressive, wait til you see a 1/6 vehicle. Whilst you need a large area for display space, it's worth it.

Hot Toys Deloreans are pretty hard to find now. To assure yourself of getting one, you needed to pre-order many months back. This is the best tactic with a lot of Hot Toys pieces as resellers tend to order in what people pre-order as opposed to ordering in and hoping people will buy them. Pre-ordering just takes a small deposit. You can find out more on our Hot Toys pre-orders page here.

Anyhow, on to the video review. In this review we look in detail at the Delorean, both from the outside and the inside in 1080p format. It's a stunning piece to add to your collection, if you can find one. Sadly we're now sold out!

Hot Toys Delorean Video Review


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